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when two become one

Updated: Feb 16

Kee Oon and Soo Fong first met in junior college in 1983. Kee Oon shares, “Soo Fong was smart, capable, and very talented! I found out that she had been in many CCAs during her secondary school days — Track & Field, NCC, PA and Math & Science — and she was also a school prefect on top of that.”

And “He was handsome, sociable, sporty and a Christian”, says Soo Fong.


Aside from these positive first impressions, Kee Oon was their class representative, and Soo Fong was his assistant, so they naturally gravitated towards each other, and became good friends.

Soo Fong remembers finding excuses to call Kee Oon on the pretext of seeking guidance for her schoolwork. Of course, Kee Oon was always happy to help! Their close friendship grew into a deeper and mutual attraction over time.

At first, Kee Oon felt that they were too young to start a relationship and thought that they should remain friends for the moment. “I believed that we should only enter a relationship when we have gotten to know the other person well,” he says. His preference was to take things slow, allowing for time to fully understand Soo Fong before considering dating and marriage.


However, Kee Oon also had a personal goal, and that was to get married by the age of 28. Perhaps, he realised, they shouldn’t wait too long to begin dating! He was undecided…


He thought: “Hey, hold on, if I am planning to get married by 28 years old, then I should actually get started now.”


After much deliberation, he decided to take the plunge! They began officially dating in their second year.

Kee Oon and Soo Fong were a simple couple who tried to save as much as possible due to the limited salary of NS men at the time — “only $135 per month, which later increased to $330”. For Kee Oon and Soo Fong, most dates were about sharing a meal or going for a swim. They celebrated birthdays at places like McDonalds — upscale places like Fosters were reserved for more special occasions.

Fanciful gifts, flowers, or chocolates were not their cup of tea, and they much preferred the simple enjoyment of time spent together. Valentine’s day to them was just like any other day.

As they look back, the couple shares that their relationship was pretty straightforward and simple, even down to their proposal and subsequent wedding celebrations.

“Marriage proposals and wedding ceremonies were simpler back then, unlike today with drones, flowers and flashlights”, says Kee Oon. He proposed to Soo Fong at East Coast Park with a ring. “And she immediately said “Yes!” he remembers. 

Kee Oon and Soo Fong were married on 22 May 1993. At 27 years old, they were married relatively earlier than most of their peers, but both of them felt it was the right time for them to take the next step in their relationship.

Some 30 years later, the couple are happy parents of two young adult children, and still very much in love with each other.

“She has always been there for me,” says Kee Oon, “through the ups and downs, she is always there, offering a shoulder to lean on and a listening ear. Her steadfast love and encouragement means so much to me, as it keeps me grounded and secure whenever I face any obstacles in life.” Indeed, Soo Fong’s unwavering support behind-the-scenes is always very precious to her husband.

And to Soo Fong, “He is a good husband and father. Despite his busy schedule, he will always carve out time for the children and me.”

To the newlyweds, Kee Oon and Soo Fong share, “If you believe you have found your life partner, do whatever it takes to make it work. It is normal to have differences, but it is crucial that you learn to accept these differences and find a middle ground that works for both partners.”

For young adults planning to get married, Kee Oon and Soo Fong highly recommend seeking guidance from mentors. 

“Having a mentor couple to turn to for advice can provide valuable insights and perspectives. The dating process can be exciting, but it can also be challenging,  and a mentor couple can offer guidance and support as you navigate this journey. We wish you all of God’s best for your marriage!”




 Our church’s Marriage Preparation Course will pair each couple with an older couple to mentor and journey with them as they prepare for marriage. In fact, many of our mentor couples go on to walk with their mentees through the early years of their marriage, and even beyond. Find out more here.

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