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our mission


making disciples who transform Woodlands and the world

We bring God’s healing and wholeness to Woodlands and wherever He calls us. Experiencing the joy of obeying all that Jesus taught us, we become and make disciples who transform the world around us.

our strategy


We gather in community to worship and pray.
We grow in Life Change Groups and Grow Classes.
We go to serve others and transform the world around us.

our values


Our values guide our choices in all we do and the manner in which we do them. As we make disciples who transform Woodlands and the world, we are . . .

Word-based, Spirit-led

We joyfully study and obey God’s living and authoritative word, submitting to the Spirit who forms Christ in us and empowers us for life and ministry.


Our prayerful lives glorify God and reflect our intimacy with Him. Our dependence on God in personal and corporate prayerfulness leads to fruitfulness in life and ministry.

authentic in community

When we are authentic in community, our relationships are marked by greater depth in commitment to one another, and also greater breadth as we embrace people not in our normal social circles, because of the gospel.


We join the Father on his mission to bless Woodlands and the world with the transforming power of the gospel, loving others without condition. We go and make disciples of all peoples, offering salvation, hope and a reason to live. We work and bring wholeness and restoration to society.


The family is God’s fundamental unit of church and society, founded on the marriage between one man and one woman. We equip every parent to nurture and disciple their children and all members to care and provide for others in their family.

joyful stewards

God has given us talents, resources and gifts to be administered faithfully for His glory. We serve joyfully and sacrificially out of gratitude to God.

our measures


When disciples in WEFC increasingly evidence the following measures, we know we are advancing in our mission. We measure the depth of our disciple-making and transformative impact by the FORM of our discipleship.


Our discipleship is first evident to our family

Our discipleship must affect every area of our life. But the first place where it matters is at home. This is where we are most relaxed and ourselves — to our parents, siblings, spouse and children. Thus, home is the real test of our discipleship because this is where our real character is seen. If our walk with God is evident to our family, it is likely to overflow naturally into the other spheres of our life.


Our discipleship is marked by obedience

Studying the Bible is the means to knowing God and His will for our lives. But obedience to God is our goal. We must not mistake the means as the goal. The mark of a mature disciple, then, is not mere Bible knowledge, but submission to the authority of God’s Word and the leading of the Holy Spirit.


Our discipleship grows through life-on-life relationships

Deep, authentic life-on-life relationships is God’s design for our growth. This means we are willing to share and struggle vulnerably with one another, and let others hold us accountable. The isolated individual is not God’s idea because he does not have anyone to encourage him when he is down and no one to correct him when he is wrong. When we grow together, we can also serve together with our different gifts to build the church to fulfil its Mission in the world.


Our discipleship aligns us with God’s mission for the lost 

God so loved the lost that He sent His Son into the world to save the lost and He now sends us to tell the world about Him. We must have this same missional heartbeat if we are truly His disciples. This passion cannot be limited only to taking part in church organised programmes but must be seen in all the spheres of our lives when we are away from church and scattered in the world.

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