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our team


Our leaders and staff are here to serve you joyfully and equip you to make disciples who transform Woodlands and the world.

senior pastor's team

The SPT supports our Senior Pastor’s leadership by implementing and executing his long-term vision for the church. Each member leads a team that makes disciples through our Gather • Grow • Go strategy.

The Church Board ensures that Woodlands EFC stays true to its mission by championing its values, establishing church culture, providing broad spiritual oversight, and planning its growth together with the Senior Pastor and Executive Pastor.

church board

gather team (english & chinese)

The Gather Team makes disciples by gathering the church to worship and pray in English and Chinese congregations that synergize our preaching and ministries. In addition to key persons below, all staff minister to members through our congregational ministries.

grow team (generations)

The Grow Team (Generations) makes disciples by leading the church to grow through the seasons of childhood, youth, young adulthood, marriage and family.

grow team (communities)

The Grow Team (Communities) makes disciples by leading the church to grow in authentic communities of Life Change Groups, which are equipped in Grow Classes.

go team (missions & outreach)

The Go Team multiplies disciples by mobilizing the church to go as we serve and witness in both Woodlands outreach and world mission.

communications team

The Comms Team strategizes and executes communications for our church-wide ministries and special initiatives.

admin & operations team

The Admin-Ops Team supports all ministries by ensuring optimal running of church operations.

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