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to wash another's feet

With missions a burden God had placed in her heart, dentistry-trained Celine Lee took the step of faith to serve as part of a Medical Missions Team to the Renovar Foundation in Timor-Leste last December. It was also her first time going on a mission trip together with her dad, Doc Mike!

Celine shares, “Missions has always been on my mind. At times I would lay in bed feeling incredibly heartbroken that many would die without hearing the Good News. I wanted to do something and I prayed that God would use me when the time arises. The opportunity eventually came when Aunty Min who approached me and shared about the need for dental care in Renovar Foundation, Timor-Leste, and asked if I would be willing to go. I immediately said ‘YES!’

Despite wrestling with feelings of doubt, fear and inadequacy in the preparation process, Celine prayed that the Lord would help remove her unbelief, and prepare her to move forward in faith.

"Truly He is a God who provides!"

Celine was moved to see how God faithfully provided seniors and supervisors to help with the planning, and led various individuals to sponsor items for the trip. The team’s dental products were also generously sponsored by Pearlie White.

During the trip, the Singapore team took the time to wash the feet of the Timor-Leste staff team. This was a humbling and unforgettable experience for them all.

“The feet are one of the dirtiest parts of your body. When I washed the feet of someone else for the first time. I realised that doing so requires humility and self denial,” says Celine.

“Dad and I were the ones heading the medical and dental aspect respectively for the trip. In previous medical mission trips we played a supporting role, so planning for this trip was particularly stressful for both of us.

"To think that King Jesus did this for His disciples, and eventually carried out the ultimate sacrifice of foot washing on the cross, is unimaginable. If he brought Himself to love the very ones who betrayed Him, we too can love and wash the feet of others."

I was visibly overwhelmed when I started planning from scratch! But Dad was very calm and composed and talked me through as to what I should do. It felt nice having my dad as a ‘mentor’ helping me.”

Celine adds, “Actually, both of us would consider ourselves more of a ‘follower’ by nature. I think it’s amazing to see how God miraculously worked through our weaknesses for His Kingdom’s purposes.”

The flags in this photo remind Celine of how there are many members in the body of Christ. It was beautiful to witness different parts of the body of Christ contributing together as One during this mission trip.

She shares, “It made me reflect on how we all need one another – with our different backgrounds, gifts and skills – co-labouring for the Kingdom of Christ!

My experience taught me that all I need to do is to take the step of faith and obedience, as God will provide all that I need in His perfect timing. It reminds me of how God sent Aaron alongside Moses to accomplish the seemingly impossible mission of instructing Pharoah to let His people go.”

Similarly, God may call each one of us to be part of His redemptive plan at different times and in different ways. May we be quick to listen to His voice and say “Yes!” to Jesus.


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